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Episode 59: What We Did This Week

Sep 21, 2016

Hi ACCTion heroes! We’ve got a full house today, so we’ve got one hell of a show for you! Segment 1: Books We’ve Read Just For Background Story Marty: Swamp Thing Hannah: Fear Itself: Sin’s Past Nick:  Ultimate Fantastic Four – Story of The Maker Tim: Avengers Disassembled so that I could understand House of […]

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Episode 58.5: What Comes Next (for Villains?)

Sep 14, 2016

Segment: Pullbox (or Books we read that were canceled too soon) Marty: Nighthawk Tim: Hercules Nick: Young Justice Feature:  Villains and What They Say about Us Thanos Thanos Rising What villain would you like us to delve into?   Bonus! SURVEY! Yet Another Quality Episode!

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Edition By-Week Edition

Sep 07, 2016

Hi ACCtion heroes!   We took a break. A small one, to be sure, but a small one.   Tim and Marty Endorse beers and we set up to talk about THANOS.     Yet Another Quality Episode!

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Episode 57: Grand Pullbox

Aug 31, 2016

Good Morning ACCTion heroes! Today we are going to talk about a handful of the books we are  reading!

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Episode 56: Enter the Comixologists!

Aug 24, 2016

Hello ACCtion heroes, do we have something awesome for you! Matt and Kara from the Comixologist join the show to talk about their origin story, Comixology Unlimited, and Silver! Kara: @KaraSzam Matt: @slim Stick around for this one folks. It’s pretty flipping rad. Feature 1: Origin Stories! Feature 2: Silver From Dark Planet Comics Also a […]

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Episode 55: Badass Trailers and Badass Websites

Aug 17, 2016

Hello ACCtion Heroes and welcome to the podcast with a heart. And comic books! And comic books featuring hearts, probably! Segment 1: We’re Very Excited About the Luke Cage Netflix Trailer Feature 1: Pullbox Marty: Civil War 2 Issue 3 Nick: Old Man Logan #2 Tim: Suicide Squad Review Hannah: All New Wolverine #9 / #10 Feature […]

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Episode 54: O-Megan-thon Edition

Aug 10, 2016

Hello ACCTion Heroes! Hannah is swamped by real life, but we got the bad ass Megan from Dorkadia to fill in!

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Episode 53: Our Power is Overwhelming

Aug 03, 2016

Hello ACCTion Heroes! We're down a Hannah this week, but we're going to keep on trucking with this week's episode!

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Episode 52

Jul 27, 2016

Hello ACCtion heroes! Some one on the team got so worked up about politics that they punched through time and NOW we have an all new, all different team!

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Episode 51

Jul 20, 2016

Hello ACCtion heroes and welcome to Episode 51!  This week we are chock full o'awesome!

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