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ACC Vol 2: Finally on ACC.COM

Dec 11, 2020

While we figure out a new way to display all our awesome shows, take a moment to peruse all this great content, brought to you by Marty, Tim, and Nick!

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All New All Different Episode 7: First Pullbox!

Jul 10, 2020

Hosts today are Marty Tim Nick Diamond Distribution  by Nick Pullbox Marty Sex Criminals,  Fraction, Zdarsky  Marauders #10 W Duggan, Caselli  Tim Incoming: w: Tini Howard, Al Ewing, Eve Ewing, Dan Slott  A: Mattia De Iulis, Aaron Kuder, Ryan Stegman, Francesco Manna Spider-ham: W: Wells, A: Robson  Dr Strange #1 W: Waid, A: Walker    […]

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All New, All Different : Episode 6 -- The Last Transmet

Jun 26, 2020

Your hosts today are: Marty Tim Nick Intro: Welcome to the All-New, All-Different All Comics Considered. The comic book podcast with a heart of gold, produced proudly by the Oracle Podcast Network.  Today we’re talking Transmet and why this is our lour last deep dive  Why this is the Last Trasment Story Warren Ellis was […]

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All New Episode 5: The New Scum

Jun 26, 2020

Your hosts today are: Marty Tim Nick Transmet The New Scum Issues  19-24 Pullbox: Marty – Nothing this week Tim – Avengers: 41-55: The Kang Dynasty W: Busiek A: Davis, Zircher Nick – Nothing this week Yet Another Quality Episode!

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All New All Different : Vol 2 Episode 4 -- Year of the Bastard

Jun 19, 2020

Hi all. Given the allegations against Warren, we’re cutting this series short. We are recording tonight and will be addressing the allegations against Warren, Stewart, and the entire fucked up situation where predators are abusers are still in comics.  Today’s show was on Year of the Bastard, which are issues 13-18.  We’re not linking to […]

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All New All Different : Vol 2 Episode 3 -- Lust for Life

Jun 11, 2020

Wherein your hosts, Marty, Tim, and Nick continue their deep dive into Ellis and Robertson’s Transmetropolitan with a side of pullbox!  Transmet: Lust for Life  On the stump What spider watches on tv God riding Shotgun My Boyfriend is a Virus Another Cold Morning Wild in the Country Freeze Me with Your Kiss Pullbox: Marty […]

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Vol 2 Episode 2: Say Their Names

Jun 04, 2020

In honor of #blackout, ACC reads the names of 1,945 Black folks killed by the police from 2012-2019. The list is not exhaustive and we noticed some glaring exceptions: Sandra Bland being top among them.   Here is how you can help:   Minnesota Freedom Fund Black Lives Matter Card Buy from Amalgam Philly Black-Owned […]

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Vol 2, Episode 1: Back on the Street

May 28, 2020

Welcome to the All-New, All-Different All Comics Considered. As our lovely patrons, you’re getting a week early sneak listen to the new format!! The comic book podcast with a heart of gold, produced proudly by the Oracle Podcast Network. Tonight, we’re back on the street, fresh and hungry, and ready with our new old-timey format.   […]

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Episode 198: The End

May 21, 2020

Hello and welcome to the last episode of All Comics Considered, the comic book podcast with a Heart of Gold.  Tonight, we assemble our crew and do a retrospective of the first volume of our show, before NEXT WEEK’S RELAUNCH with the ORACL3 NETWORK. Hosts today are: Marty Tim Nick Hannah How did the show […]

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Episode 197: Pullbox, again?

May 14, 2020

This week, Marty, Nick, and Tim go through Marvel Unlimited and talk about the books you should be reading during the Rona! Featuring: New Mutants, Crusher Creel, and The End of the NEXT Marvel Universe Marty New Mutants: The Graphic Novel W: Claremont, A: Mcleod Tim Immortal Hulk 25 W: Ewing, A: Bennet Nick Ms […]

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Episode 196: A Pullbox Episode with Tim and Marty

May 07, 2020

Hey there ACC-tion Heroes!   In this week’s episode, Tim and Marty talk about what they’ve been reading. Honestly, we are spending a lot of time in our Marvel Unlimited subscriptions, because even with the UI and UX issues, there’ still so many books to cover. What – and from what service – are you […]

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Episode 195: Comics and Cocktails!

May 01, 2020

Hey there ACC-tion heroes! This week’s episode was an experiment: Could we get some of our amazing fans, friends, and guests on at the same time in the age of Rona? Could we — dare we — even use zoom for it?   We did! Our guests Manu, Caitlin, and Kelsey join Marty and Nick […]

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