Good Vs Evil Update!

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Today we begin our conversation of good vs evil with five amazing listener submitted stories!

Hello ACC-tion heroes! We have five–yes five!–stories of good and evil to talk about this morning! Each one of our storytellers will be getting a pocket constitution! Thanks to everyone who shared a story OR shared the give-away.



The story of good defeating evil that I love the most is Angela Queen of Hel. Hella is oppressing angels but the journey is more personal than that. It’s a story of love, love between a trans women of color and her beloved lady getting over the evils of Hel itself. It’s powerful on so many levels when Angela manages to become the queen of Hel and gets to be free with her love again. Sera and Angela’s love combating their own evils, their own fears, and very real threats makes it just such an amazing tale.


Aidan Halligan

My choice is actually the opening pages of the Saga series, where Marko and Alana overcome the prejudice that has sustained the seemingly eternal war between their people, fall in love and bring new life into the universe. In doing so, they commit a cardinal sin in the eyes of their people but (in a delightfully gritty and ‘real’ birth sequence) show the triumph of love over learned animosity. As the Pakeha/European half of an inter-racial couple (raising two kids who have to tick a number of ‘ethnicity’ boxes on census forms) this felt pretty damn real. Given our current political climate, we need more Markos and Alanas out there who are willing to reject the lessons of hatred and embrace. Just embrace. So yeah, that’s my choice. Not a triumph as such (given its place at the start of the narrative) but an act of defiance and rebellion that is all the more real because it marries political/personal so brilliantly.

Fred Zeleny

Lots to choose from, but I was surprisingly touched by the recent issue of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (the latest #1, I think?–pretty sure you’re right, Fred!), where SG meets Brain Drain, realizes something is wrong, and it unexpectedly turns into a tale about growing beyond our past selves and becoming better people over time.


Adam Anthony

Also, there was this Alan Moore story, I’m not sure where it was originally printed but it tells the story of a Green Lantern (Katma Tui) who had to try to recruit someone to the Lantern Corps whose species has no concept of light.



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