Episode 70: What if….?!

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This week we ask each other to imagine "What Ifs" and "Elseworlds," including "What if the hosts of ACC could pace their conversations!"

Hello ACC-tion Heroes! What if…?! and Elseworlds are some of the ways the big 2 explore what would happen if there were significant changes in their canon: What if Aunt May was bitten by the radioactive spider, or if Martha and Jonathon Kent had a flat tire and never picked up baby Kal-el?


This week, we ask each other “What if?!”

  • Marty: Matt Murdock was a public defender?
  • Nick:   What if Victor Von Doom was on the Space ship instead of Reed Richards?
  • HANNAH:  What if the DCU only had Shazam and no Clark Kent/superman/Kal-el
  • Tim:  What If: Frank Castle became Ghost Rider?

Yet Another Quality Episode!

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