: Summer Special 7 VR and Wardship

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Listeners, we have missed you. But now, we return! This week, a dynamic duo of Nick and Marty delve into VR and whose ward we would want to be. 

Listeners, we have seriously, seriously missed you. Did you miss us? The end of summer brought a number of opportunities and challenges, but we managed to record a whole bunch of episodes that we can plug in when life gets a bit more hectic.

This week, we talk a lot about VR and being a superhero’s (or cosmic force’s!) ward. Yesterday, Apple’s entry in the VR market dropped…and sadly, no one read our mind for a cool video game. What sort of properties would you like to see in AR or VR? And whose ward would you want to be–want to Join the Bat Family? What about Logan as a surrogate dad? Maybe you really want to be one of Granny’s good ones? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

Segment 1: VR Game – what property do you most want to play a VR game of?



Segment 2:  Whose ward would you have wanted to be?



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