Episode 97: 2017 In Review

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ACCtion Heroes, somehow 2017 hasn’t been all terrible. Listen in to our full crew talk about our breakout favorites of 2017, and what we’ve got the impertinence to actually hope and strive for next year! Let us know what YOU found joy in this year, and we’ll discuss in an upcoming episode.

Hello and Welcome to All Comics Considered and our end of the year special! Let us celebrate 2017: The Year of Surviving Fascist Bullshit. This year, we’ll be talking about the highs and lows of 2017, and what to look forward to in 2018.




Thor: Ragnarok

  • Possibly the funniest Marvel movie so far
  • Female characters! (barely passed the Bechdel Test? Needs to be better)
  • So ready for a weird, cosmic, outside of New York/DC superhero movie that didn’t suck
  • Taika Waititi


Feature Two: Do Better 2018


  • Least favorite thing of 2017: losing faith in Marvel comics
  • Write more – inspired greatly by friend-of-the-show Caitlin Rosberg & the AV Club’s Eisner


  • Need to expand beyond Marvel, DC, Image (and valiant)


  • Super hero vidya games – VR is here, gimmie gimmie
  • Make comics easier to follow again


  • I’d like to see more PoC creators in comics.
  • Bring back Milestone

Excited for in 2018

Yet Another Quality Episode!

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