Episode 101: Jim Zub!

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In this episode, we begin our conversation with comics creator and all around great guy, Jim Zub! We talk about everything from his history in gaming and how he started writing, to his creator owned and commercial work. Check this episode out folks!

ACC-tion Heroes, we have good news and bad news. Here is the bad news: Episode 100, our Musical Episode, has been eaten by the forces of evil. It’s gone. Poof.

Here is the good news: Episode 101 is the first part of an extensive interview with writer, animator, gamer, speaker, and professor Jim Zub! Jim talks to us about how he got into comics, his creator owned books, gaming, and Avengers: No Surrender!

If you are looking for somewhere to start with Jim’s body of work, in previous shows, Marty has plugged:

AND Jim’s website has a ton of good advice on writing, the comics industry, and more information on where you can buy his stuff! Seriously. GO BUY HIS STUFF

Sit down, plug-in, and get ready for one hell of a conversation!

**Jim comes to the show thanks to Will Hindmarch

Yet Another Quality Episode!

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