Episode 102: Black Lightning!

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Black Lightning: Principal, Mayor, Super Hero, Father, Super-Friend, Star of the Arrowverse? That's right. We're going all in on this brand new show! With special guest, Steve the Audio Genius!

Hello and Welcome to the NPR Voice edition of All Comics Considered. In this week’s episode, we all gathered –including our amazing sound engineer Steve!– to discuss the new CW Show: Black Lightning. We talk about our history with the character, some of the fictional biography of the character, where is his place in the Arrowverse (other than at the top), and we just scream for joy as this family of super heroes does cool shit.

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A quick note about our sound this week: We had some difficulties with one of our streams. Steve did his very best to make it work, but some issues remain. We’re working on fixing it, but we wanted this show to hit the air waves.

Yet Another Quality Episode!

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