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Wherein Marty explains why ACC went to the crowdfunding model.

After 100 episodes, some really awesome interviews, and an actual in-person meet up, All Comics Considered has launched a Patreon. Here’s why: we need and want to do more.

Comics are an expensive hobby. While we’re working to cut some costs at maintaining the show, we aren’t willing to degrade the quality. Buying books, server space, and the hosting fees add up. We’re not large enough to be ad supported and honestly, we’re very picky about ads. So, borrowing yet another method from the Public Radio model, we’re turning to you, our listeners.

For our Patreon, we have a variety of rewards that, with your support, we think can make it possible that we reach two monthly funding levels. These levels enable us to expand the scope of our community and our mission of gate-breaking. Without your support, we focus on keeping the show going. With your support, we can build upward and outward. We can build our community.

At $300 a month, we’re going to create our Book of the Month Club. This is how it will work: we narrow down a list of graphic novels and then let you vote on the ones you want to read and discuss along with us. Some of our best episodes have been read-a-longs – who can forget when Nick admitted that he no longer completed hated Reed Richards after I made him read Hickman’s Fantastic Four? We want to have more experiences like that. We want to build our community of comics lovers around books that remind us why we love this medium.

The $500 is another doable monthly goal. Not a single one of us at ACC would ask someone to work for exposure. So at this level, we can afford to pay LGBTIQ+, PoC, and women writers to fill the ACC blog with diverse perspectives, in addition to the occasional blog posts by Tim, Hannah, Nick, and me. We firmly believe that we have a responsibility to use our platform to give marginalized people a voice. At this tier, we can do that. In fact, I’ve already got a few writers in mind who I would love to host on our site.

Contributing to the patreon is a big ask of our fans. I know that. I also have a very difficult time letting my friends and family buy me anything, let alone support our show. And yet, some of the brightest moments of my day are when friends, family members, and the occasional stranger buy me something “small.” It’s those seemingly small gestures – the purchase of a beer, a cup of coffee, or a free bag of comic book boards – that always turn my day around.

If I think of a patron’s pledge as a listener’s way of saying “Here’s a cup of coffee because I know you love this hot bean juice,” then that pledge transcends the monetary amount. It becomes a thank-you, a token of esteem.

For us, this support means that you care enough about us and our mission to open geek gates and make the comics community a much less toxic place to be. It means you’re in it with us. Each and every listener to our show works on that. Joining our patreon means you want to do the work with us. And that makes me want to do even more for ACC, our listeners, and our community.

Of course, we realize that not everyone can afford to put down money every month. So if you want another way to help us grow, leaving us a 5-star review Apple Podcasts and sharing us via Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Play is absolutely invaluable.

Thank you, all of you, for all that you do for our show.



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