Episode 162: Muder Mysteries

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For our August Bookclub edition, we‘ll talk about the book that makes us nervous to be in an elevator with Neil Gaiman, and also the subject of the next edition of our book club, Murder Mysteries.   Highlights The Wrapper Story – creepy old guy on the bench The Inner Story – creepy young guy […]

For our August Bookclub edition,welltalkaboutthebookthatmakesusnervoustobeinanelevatorwithNeilGaiman,andalsothesubjectofthenexteditionofourbookclub,MurderMysteries.



  • TheWrapperStory– creepy old guy on the bench
  • TheInnerStory– creepy young guy on the prowl
  • TheCentralStory– Raguel, agent of vengeance
  • TheMurder– Cain and Abel
  • TheTrick– Who is god
  • TheInnerStoryWraps– creepy killer guy
  • TheWrapperStorywraps– everyone appears to be fucked

Crit Analysis

  • What the hell is this about?
  • Is it cool because of the story, or because there’s a weird cool factor to angels
  • Did Neil Gaiman kill someone?

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Thanks to the amazing Debra Craig for suggesting this month’s topic!

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