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Marty Gleason

Director Gleason has been reading comics off and on since the grim-dark, yet brightly colored, 90s.  He is the coolest uncle you could ever have. According to friends and family, he is a Social Justice Paladin, and that is not just because of the Captain America Tattoo on his arm.

Hannah Craig

Hannah Craig is a Founder and the Managing Editor of All Comics Considered. When Hannah was a tiny proto-nerd in the 90s, her mother read her The Death of Superman and a lifetime love of comic books was born. Now a fully evolved nerd living in Seattle with her partner and a three-legged cat named Bucky, she demands comic books have representation, diversity and plot continuity. She has written for websites including The Mary Sue and xoJane, and is a staff member of

Nick Fury

Nick Fury is a Founder and contributor to All Comics Considered, contributor to Dorkadia, published author, software engineer, and possibly an unaware Life Model Decoy.  He lives in Bothell, WA, with his family, comic book collection, and dog.  Nick has been reading comics for long enough that he changed his name to Nick Fury when he got married.  He spends a great deal of time thinking about old cartoons like Galtar and Thundarr.

Tim Bruhn

Tim Bruhn is the Senior Producer of All Comics Considered. He resides in Tacoma, WA with his wife, dog and son, where he writes and yells at bad guys on the internet a lot. Tim (aka The Bruhnicorn) has been reading comics off and on since the 70s and remembers when The Thing was a professional wrestler. He is also co-founder of and is busy writing his first book.


Steve is our sound engineer and composer. He has also worked as a cook, a stage hand, a salesman, a Mac Genius, IT guy and is currently paid “Just to know stuff”. He enjoys time with his family, sci-fi shows (especially if they involve spaceships), super hero movies and TV shows, camping, hiking, singing karaoke and once parachuted teddy bears from kites while hanging out with four ventriloquists. Like the silent hand of death, you may never hear him on the podcast but you will feel his presence.

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