Individual Episodes

Episode 35:

Mar 09, 2016

Hello Listeners and Welcome to Episode 35: The Importance of… We celebrate Women’s History month by talking about some of the important women in the industry–both real and fictional. But we begin today’s episode with a quick review of some of the books read because of someone else on the show (Or one of our […]

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Episode 34:

Mar 02, 2016

Hi Listeners! Sorry for the delay in episode 34. The weather, our friends, was such bullshit, that it even delayed our programming. Here’s what we talked about: Nick: Arkham series (second trilogy – Gothic Sirens – Flight of Robins – Angel of Vengeance) Marty: Daredevil Hannah: Powergirl in the Flash crossover Tim: Iron Fist – […]

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Episode 33: Black Heroes Matter

Feb 24, 2016

Welcome to Episode 33: Black Heroes Matter. Today Marty and Tim host a special guest, writer/storyteller/change maker/asskicker Dennis Upkins! You can find Dennis books here: Hollowstone West of Sunset And you can find Dennis on the internet here. In addition to a wide range of tangents, we tackled the following points:   Feature 1 – African American Creators  […]

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Special Edition--

Feb 17, 2016

While Hannah is away on a secret mission, Marty, Nick and Tim (with a brand new, very powerful microphone) gather around to talk about Truth: Red, White and Black, the 2002 masterpiece from Marvel that explores the dark side of Captain America’s legacy.    In preparation for today’s talk, we did a little extra homework: […]

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Episode 32:

Feb 10, 2016

Hello Listeners!   This week, we have two big features: First, as part of Black History Month, we do a feature on Luke Cage. Just an announcement: Next week’s Black History Month will be on Truth: Red, White and Black! Try to order this at your LCS. Then we stick our toe into the ocean of […]

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Feb 03, 2016

HELLO LISTENERS!   This week, Hannah, Tim, and Marty gather around the microphone to talk about political figures in comics. We start with two heavy hitters from the Big Two: Batman and Captain America. And by Cap, we mean Nick Spencer’s run on Steve Wilson: Captain America. Here are a handful of links we used […]

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Episode 31:

Jan 27, 2016

Hello Dear Listeners! Are you ready for another awesome discussion? Hell yeah! This week, we talk about what super base we want to live in when we grow up: Hannah: The Watchtower Marty: Knowhere (with bonus Bowie) Nick: The Xavier Institute Pull Box!! Marty: Brubaker Cap Run Hannah: Vader Down  Nick: Kara Working Class Hero Marty: […]

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: Episode 30!

Jan 21, 2016

Hello Listeners– This week, Marty is out due to sinus issues and Hannah corrals the cats! This week, we talk about: Sharing Comics in the Spirit of Gift Giving: Tim: Marvel Unlimited to his nephews! Nick: Ms. Marvel to his nieces! Hannah: Ms. Marvel to her co-worker! Pullbox! Hannah: A-Force Tim: Black Widow! Nick: The Last Days of Ms Marvel 2016 Optimism! Tim […]

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Episode 29:

Jan 13, 2016

We are well into the new year, so it is time for more ALL COMICS CONSIDERED. This week, Hannah and Marty bring back the pullbox, talk about what to look forward to in 2016, and start the Civil War Hype Train! Pullbox: Marty: Vision Hannah: All New Wolverine 2016 Optimism! Star Wars by Marvel Adventureman! […]

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Jan 06, 2016

Hi everyone, and welcome to All Comics Considered. Today, in anticipation of Secret War end, we are playing the interview we have with Roger from Comic Book Informer. It’s our roundtable discussion wherein Roger talks about what he doesn’t like about Secret War. We all share some more critical points about this event, and cross […]

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