Individual Episodes

Episode 137: On Stan Lee

Dec 06, 2018

This week, after dealing with technical issues and audio quality issues, we have our episode on Stan Lee’s Legacy. So join us as we talk about one of the founders of shared modern mythology. Stan, Steve, and Jack   Stan as creator or Stan as Funky Flashman Yet Another Quality Episode!

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Episode 136: New To Us

Nov 22, 2018

Today on All Comics Considered, we’ll be talking about some new characters that we’ve all discovered, and then doing a quick Pullbox to update on what we’ve been reading or watching.  Let’s turn the first page! Recent Character Discoveries Marty Nightwing! Tom King Danny Miki Tony S. Daniel Gabby “Honey Badger“ Matthew, Sandman Nick Cassandra […]

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Episode 135: Sister Maggie Approves

Nov 15, 2018

Good morning ACC-tion heroes. We recorded this episode before the passing of Stan Lee. While we will talk about the godfather of Marvel in an upcoming episode, today’s show is all about the first three episodes of Daredevil Season 3, and then a dive into some of the books and shows we love this week, […]

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Episode 134: Two Pullboxes

Nov 10, 2018

Hey there ACC-tion Heroes! In this week’s episode, Marty and Tim independently bring a handful of books to the table. Including: Bordertown! Cement Beach! AND MORE Yet Another Quality Episode!

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Episode 133: This week in What the $%^@ Marvel

Nov 03, 2018

Hey there ACC-tion heroes! This week, we discuss something absolutely terrifying: Marvel's continuing inability to stand up to bullies, the alt-right, and general fuckery! This time, it's about the firing of Chuck Wending. We also do a review of DC Universe, and a pullbox on a lot of comics, including Dead Rabbit, Fantastic Four, and Old Man Logan!

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Interview Special: Ellis Bojar!

Oct 26, 2018

This week, we release an amazing interview with comic creator, Ellis Bojar for his book Red Shift. Ellis Bojar has an amazing comic origin story. Actually, he has two. He was active in comics way back in the 90s, but after a stint in IT, he was able to start working on smaller projects until his life changed. […]

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Episode 131: Zpider-man and Villains!

Oct 17, 2018

This week, we’ll be discussing our highest hopes for the lowest of lows, and then taking a walk through Chip Zdarsky’s run on Spider-Man.  Let’s turn the first page! The Villain You Most Want to be Good Marty:  Crusher Creel, Victor Von Doom  Nick: Magneto, Doc Ock  Tim: Kingpin  Recap: Zdarsky-Man! Reviewing Chip’s run on 20 Issues of Spider-Man. Kirbyscore  Marty — .95.  Issue310– 1.0 […]

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Episode 130: Comicsgate and a Throughline of Fuckery

Sep 29, 2018

Today on the show,  we have best friend of the show and Eisner winner Caitlín Rosberg on to discuss a phenomenon within comics– Comicsgate. This episode’s show notes contain the articles we read and the calls to action we’ve made regarding Comicsgate. Creator Databases: Articles Vulture: Paste: Buzzfeed news Daily Beast Capeless Crusader […]

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Episode 128: Iron Fist, Spider-man, and the Captain Marvel Hype Train

Sep 21, 2018

Today on the show,  we’re going to chat about Iron Fist season 2, Spider-man, the new Captain Marvel photos, and speculate on what’s next. Let’s turn the first page!   Iron Fist season 2 Trailer   Spider-man: Trailer: Gameplay:   Captain Marvel   What’s next?  Game of Thrones, Comic Book movies, […]

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Episode 126: Everything Old is New Again

Sep 06, 2018

Join Marty, Nick, and Tim as we talk about comics that hold a different meaning for us, years after we originally read them. Then stick around for the pullbox, where we talk about The Life of Captain Marvel, Farmhand, Superman and Spider-man! What comic speaks to you differently now than when you first read it? […]

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