The Show!

Episode 65: A Pullbox

Nov 09, 2016

Hey ACCtion Heroes! Take a deep breath. Find comfort. When you need us, we'll be right here, sharing how our favorite comics can help us get through this.

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Episode 64: Remembering Steve Dillon

Nov 02, 2016

Hello ACCtion heroes! Today we remember the late, great Steve Dillon!

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Episode 63: Spooky Comic Considered

Oct 26, 2016

HELLOOOOOO ACCTION Heroes! And welcome to the spook edition of All Comics Considered Tim, Marty, and Hannah catch up for a bit before devling into horror/thriller/scary comics AND a pullbox feature!

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Episode 62: Steven Barnes and Luke Cage

Oct 19, 2016

Hello ACCtion heroes! This week, we have a treat for you! As part of our discussion on Marvel/Netflix Luke Cage, Tim and Marty talk to writer, martial artist, lecturer and amazing human being, Steven Barnes.   We start our conversation with a discussion on mindfulness, transition into and then delve into what Marvel got right, […]

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Special Edition: Last Minute Discussion

Oct 12, 2016

Hey ACCtion heroes! Promised two weeks ago, delivered today, we have an extended conversation with Hannah about Double (Legacy, new, and otherwise) Heroes! We talk about a lot of concerns we have with Civil War 2, but maybe we see a bright spot!     Yet Another Quality Episode!

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All Comic Considered Episode 61: Meta af

Oct 05, 2016

Hey ACCtion Heroes!  This week, we talk to each other about our ACC and comic history, and we get a small pullbox segment! Segment 1- What Are You Up To?   Feature 1 – Let’s interview each other! Feature 2 – Pullbox Marty: Fury #1 Tim: Carnage #6  Yet Another Quality Episode!

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Episode 60: Double the Fun!

Sep 28, 2016

Hey there ACCtion Heroes! We started with one recording and ended with two show! We started episode 60 with Marty, Nick, and Tim, but we got Hannah just as we were ending. Our conversation with Hannah will go up soon!

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Episode 59: What We Did This Week

Sep 21, 2016

Hi ACCTion heroes! We've got a full house today, so we've got one hell of a show for you!

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Episode 58.5: What Comes Next (for Villains?)

Sep 14, 2016

Segment: Pullbox (or Books we read that were canceled too soon) Marty: Nighthawk Tim: Hercules Nick: Young Justice Feature: ¬†Villains and What They Say about Us Thanos Thanos Rising What villain would you like us to delve into?   Bonus! SURVEY! Yet Another Quality Episode!

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Edition By-Week Edition

Sep 07, 2016

Hi ACCtion heroes!   We took a break. A small one, to be sure, but a small one.   Tim and Marty Endorse beers and we set up to talk about THANOS.     Yet Another Quality Episode!

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