The Show!

Episode 51

Jul 20, 2016

Hello ACCtion heroes and welcome to Episode 51!  This week we are chock full o'awesome!

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Episode 50

Jul 13, 2016

We've done it! We hit episode 50! Today we're going to talk about what we've learned over the 50 episodes, something we're surprised we're actually into and a series of over-due thank yous.

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Episode 49: Rose Quartz is Not an Infinity Gem

Jul 06, 2016

HELLO ACCTION HEROES! We have a roller coaster of a show for you this week. First, a huge shout out to our amazing editor, Steve, for pulling the damn show together after some technical difficulties. This may be a heavy show for some, so, trigger warnings abound. Segment 1 –  Personal Links What do you have a […]

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Episode 48: The Desperately Positive Podcast

Jun 30, 2016

HELLO ACCTION HEROES! Episode 48 is here! This week, Nick, Marty and Tim talk about their pullbox. Hannah didn’t have a chance to catch up on her ever-growing pullbox. Then we talk about reading some of our favorite series for the first time. What’s in your pullbox? What book would you like to read again […]

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Episode 47:

Jun 22, 2016

Hello ACCtion Heroes! This week we only have two features: Hannah, Nick and Tim talk to Marty about X-men: Apocalypse. Then we spend a long time debating how powers should be regulated in a super hero universe. If you want to join our conversation, you can always leave a comment on Facebook, a post at […]

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Episode: 46

Jun 15, 2016

HELLO ACCTION HEROES! The original band is back together and we are here to rock your comic book loving face! This week, we don’t just have a pullbox. Oh no! We have a LONG Box of comics to discuss! We’ll also confess our Fandoms. Trust me, its awesome. Pullbox! Marty: Nighthawk #1, Brie Larson as […]

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Episode 44:

Jun 08, 2016

Hi ACCtion Heroes. Have a seat. No, seriously, have a seat. We need to talk. It’s one of those talks that need to happen. This week, Marty, Hannah and Tim talk about Cap. Steve Rogers, Captain America #1. Then we lighten the mood by talking about DC: Rebirth. Please retweet, reblog, share, and remember: We’ll talk […]

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Episode 43:

Jun 01, 2016

Hellooooooooo ACCtion Heroes!   This week, which was recorded WAY before Steve Rogers: Captain America #1, Tim, Marty and Nick discuss the following:   PULLBOX: Feature 1 – Pullbox Marty: Black Magic/FCBD Cap #1 Nick: Marvel Puzzle Quest STOP EATING KERMIT Tim: Hercules  Segment 1 – Favorite Captain America moments Time Runs Out Jumping on […]

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Special Interview

May 25, 2016

Hi ACCtion heroes! Looking to avoid grumbles and spoilers and a bad time in general? Do we have a show for you! This week, we interview Ariell Johnson from Amalgam Comics! We talk about the store, it’s role in Philadelphia’s nerd community, which super hero helped her realize her nerd-dom and Amalgam’s secret weapon! Hold on […]

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ACC v CBI Part 2: Civil War Considered

May 16, 2016

Hey there ACCtion Heroes AND CBI fans! This is part 2 of the monumental ACC v CBI cross over. Part one is here! Edited in total by Roger (aaawhhh), starring: Roger Hannah Vince Tim Nick Marty A good time was had by all. Even Marty. Please retweet, reblog, share, and remember: Civil War was pretty good! Yet […]

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