The Show!

Special Interview Edition:

May 11, 2016

ACCtion Heroes, do we have a treat for you! Today’s episode is an interview with Hannibal Tabu, a comic creator, musician, writer, project manager and all around great guy! On the professional side, We talk about his webcomic: Project Wildfire, his Buy Pile at Comic Book Resources, the creative studio he helped create (the Operative […]

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Special Edition: Roger Runs the Show

May 11, 2016

Hello ACCtion Heroes. This week, we have TWO episodes. In the first episode today, Roger take the reigns–both hosting and editing–and leads a discussion on what we expect from the JUST Released Civil War. As part of that discussion, STEVE JACOBY joins the crew and shares his opinions. This is his debut roundtable–give him a […]

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Episode 42:

May 04, 2016

Hello ACCtion Heroes! This week, Vince joins Marty to discuss a handful of comics, comic events and an upcoming movie you may have heard of–Captain America 3: Civil War. This show is a part of the on going feud between ACC and Comic Book Informer. Pullbox: Vince: Extraordinary X-men Marty: Dr Strange And the Last Days of Magic […]

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Episode 41:

Apr 27, 2016

Hello ACCtion Heroes! Did you check out Comic Book Informer yet? Trust us, they do have some good points. This week, in episode 41, we are still short Hannah–the smart one on the show. But we carry on to talk about the following: Pullbox! Marty: Moonknight by Lemire, Smallwood and Bellaire Nick: Invincible by Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley and John Rauch […]

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Special Edition:

Apr 21, 2016

Hello ACCtion heroes! Our new bumper is courtesy of Comic Book Informer! Aren’t they swell? This past weekend, Marty had the opportunity to interview Travis Vengroff (quick note: Travis was on his smart phone. He’s a busy guy and has to multitask). He is the executive producer, master mind and GAME master of the Liberty […]

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Episode 40:

Apr 20, 2016

Hi ACCtion heroes! Like the bumper? You really should check out Comic Book Informer. Vince and Roger are way better than smoked velveeta. This week, we have a pullbox, a McGuffin Discussion and share concerns about the Doc Strange Trailer. Pullbox! Nick: Superior Foes of Spider-man Tim: Ultimate Fantastic Four Marty: The Fix and Black Panther […]

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Episode 39:

Apr 13, 2016

Hello ACCtion Heroes! This week, we break down Daredevil Season 2. I’m not sure what sorta notes we should have for this. I mean, I don’t think anyone actually reads these. I mean, do you? Do you really? If you read the notes, tweet or email me with the code word “schwifty” and I’ll give […]

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Episode 38:

Apr 06, 2016

Hello ACCtion Heroes! You got a nickname. Isn’t that cool? While you go out and pick up Black Panther #1, come listen to us shoot the breeze about comics. This week: Pullbox! Marty: Valiant! Nick: World’s Finest: Supergirl and FLASH Tim: Captain America: White Hannah: BvS–Dawn of NRA-Batman How to not like things without being a dick Rob Bricken […]

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Special Edition

Apr 01, 2016

Please retweet, reblog, share, and remember: Comics are for everybody! Yet Another Quality Episode!

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Episode 37:

Mar 30, 2016

Hello and Welcome to All Comics Considered! In our last episode during Women’s History Month, we bring in Megan from Dorkadia to discuss examples of female sexuality in comics! A warning: If frank discussions of sexuality are not your jam, after we talk about the Civil War Hype Train, you may want to dip on out. […]

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