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All Comic's Considered Episode 77: It's Bobsled Time!

Mar 15, 2017

This week, Hannah and Nick talk about Emerald City, The Flash, and Magneto

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Episode 76: A Disagreeable Grab Bag

Mar 08, 2017

Hey there ACC-tion heroes! This week, we take a number of comic related topics and discuss the heck out of them. Strap yourselves in folks, this one gets a bit bumpy. Marty: The Archandroid Also, OFA Tim: Carol Danvers and what she represents Hannah: Comic book experiences with my mom in Pennsylvania. Nick: Supergirl Yet Another […]

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Episode 75: These Comics Are Awesome!

Mar 01, 2017

Join us as we share some of the amazing comics we are reading!

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Special Edition: Writer Steven Barnes (Rebroadcast)

Feb 22, 2017

Join us for our interview with writer, martial artist, and meditation master Steven Barnes as we discuss Marvel's Luke Cage!

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Special Interview Edition: Punk Storm-Teresa

Feb 15, 2017

Join us as special guest host Megan interview Teresa about cosplay and manga!

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Episode 73: Swapping and Bending

Feb 08, 2017

Join Tim and Marty as we talk about race swapping and gender bending the Avengers!

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Episode 72: Answering an Important Cultural Question

Feb 01, 2017

Hello ACC-tion heroes! We kick off African-American History Month by answering a very important question, and we move into a discussion of the current state of African Americans in comics.

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Episode 71: Buffy Was 19 Years ago

Jan 25, 2017

Hello ACC-tion heroes! Buffy may have debuted 19 years ago, but today we are looking forward to a heck of a lot of new comics!

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Episode 70: What if....?!

Jan 18, 2017

This week we ask each other to imagine "What Ifs" and "Elseworlds," including "What if the hosts of ACC could pace their conversations!"

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Episode 69: Good Vs Evil

Jan 11, 2017

Join Hannah, Tim, Nick and Marty as they share some of their favorite moments of good triumphing over evil.

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