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Marty's Love Letter

Oct 14, 2015

Nick was right: I did laugh when I heard him talk–maybe even give slight praise to?–Reed Richards as a father. I also loved how Hannah talked about X-men 24: The issue that made her fall in comics because of their ability to have transcend the super-hero genre. For my love letter, I wanted to strike […]

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Episode 21:

Oct 07, 2015

Hi. Miss us? We hope you did. We missed you. All of you. Even the lurkers and ne’er-do-wells. This week in All Comics Considered we talk about: Books as Graphic Novels! Handmaiden’s Tale All Things Chabon Mistborn Pullbox! Plutona! Future Foundation/FF Last Days of Loki Quiz Master You can find All Comics Considered ALMOST every WEDNESDAY: On Stitcher […]

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Episode 20:

Sep 23, 2015

Welcome to episode 20! We talk about story types–Genre independent types–the All New All Different Marvel Lineup, another round of quizmaster and a pull box where we discuss: Raising Dion! Manga All New X-Men and Hickman’s FF run You can find All Comics Considered ALMOST every WEDNESDAY: On Stitcher Radio or on iTunes. That’s where are archive of awesome lives. Please […]

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Episode: 19

Sep 16, 2015

Welcome to episode 19! Where our guest, Megan, informs us all about CONVERGENCE. And Civil War. And a Pull box. And a new edition of QUIZMASTER! Also welcome Tim to Associate Producer status!

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: Episode 18

Sep 02, 2015

Welcome to episode 18! Where our guests–Tim and Megan–talk about their history with comics, their concerns with comics, what comics are doing well and tangents galore! We talk about Batcow! Goldballs! Red Batman and Marty’s house.   You can find All Comics Considered ALMOST every WEDNESDAY: On Stitcher Radio or on iTunes. That’s where are archive of awesome lives. Please leave us […]

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: Episode 17

Aug 27, 2015

Hello Dear Listener   Here is episode 17. It’s a great show, sprinkled with love and the occasional flaw.    We talk about: A challenge on Colossus Manga! Agents of Shield Recap Charaters who should be way cooler We introduce a new feature: Quizmaster!   Then we delve deep into some “problematic” issues that the […]

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: Episode 16

Aug 19, 2015

Hello Dear listeners!   Our technical issues have been addressed and we are back on schedule! In this (late) episode, we talk about: A comic book challenge, our fears of the Fantastic Four movie (which appear to be well earned), a shout out to the Chicago Nerd and Social Club AND Battleworld!    Intro and […]

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Episode 15

Aug 05, 2015

Hi Listeners!   This particular episode was a bit rough around the edges. We had “technical difficulties.” They should be sorted out by now. Now, these difficulties did not stop us from talking about a number of neat things, including:   Some issues we’re seeing in comics Battleworld Intro: Nitzer Ebb, Violent Playground Outro: Eir Aoi- […]

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Episode 14:

Aug 01, 2015

If you count all the episodes up…I’m pretty sure its 14. We’re calling it 14. Who knows. I didn’t label them properly. In this late edition, we talk about: Our Biases in Comics Our favorite Duos! Hickman, Epting and Dragotta’s Iconic Fantastic Four Run, issues 580-588.   You can find All Comics Considered ALMOST every¬†WEDNESDAY: […]

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: Episode 13

Jul 29, 2015

  In this episode, we discuss our summer plans and how to get people into comics! Nick also changed Marty’s name to Scott Baio in the notes, based on the fact that about 20 years ago, Marty and Scott looked a lot a like. Marty, however, is a better person than Scott. You can find […]

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