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Episode 179: Last Pullbox of the Decade!

Jan 08, 2020

Wherein Nick and Marty join forces to talk about the books they’re currently reading!   Nick: Legend of Korra  W:Michael Dante DiMartino A:Irene Koh C:Vivian Ng Cover Artists:Heather Campbell, Jane Bak Marty: Annihaltion Conquest featuring “Oh, I get Richard Ryder now!” W: Dan Abnett  W: Andy Lanning  W: Cristos Gage & Ruth Fletcher Gage Yet […]

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Episode 178: Cosmic and Grounded Pullbox!

Dec 19, 2019

Hello and welcome to All Comics Considered, the comic book podcast with a heart of gold. This is the episode where we talk about what we’re reading and why we’re digging it. From new favs to guilty pleasures. Let’s get started! Pullbox  Tim Hulkverines! W: Pak, A: Anindito Greg Pak: Taking a wild combo to […]

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Episode 177: Book Club - Bone!

Dec 12, 2019

  Whence We Speak Of All The Bone Cousins Book Club: Bone Part 1 “Out of Boneville” Welcome to our next Book Club, where we break down specific books and do a bit of a deeper dive into them.  Tonight we’ll be talking about the first volume of Jeff Smith’s epic story “Bone“, titled “Out […]

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Episode 176: Pullbox with Adam (from Battle of the Atom)

Dec 07, 2019

Episode 176: Pullbox with Adam (from Battle of the Atom) ACCep174PB04Adam.m4a The epic conclusion our time with Adam Reck from Battle of the Atom and Bish and Jubz is finally here! Find out why Nick made Adam so sad! Get the link to see how to pronounce Apocalypse’s mutant name!  (it’s at about the 2:20 […]

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Episode 175: Romance in Comics Part 2

Dec 04, 2019

Part 2 of Romance in Comics, featuring Marty, Nick, and Adam from BATTLE OF THE ATOM.      Introducing Adam Origin Stories Adam Battle of the Atom Podcast  The List Bish and Jubez    Romantic Representation: From Love and Rockets to X-Men (25+) Adam – The history of romance in X-men Nick 1963 – Prof […]

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Episode 174: Pullbox with Kat and Tim

Nov 28, 2019

This week, we’ve got a pillbox with Tim and Kat! This is from our X-men and romance recording sessions. So after you load up on carbs, tryptophan and family conversations, curl up with one of our recommendations!   ACC-tion Hero Shout Out! Lauren Roy Pulls  Tim Amazing Spider-Man Annual #15 W: Dennis O’Neill, A: Frank […]

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Episode 173 Part 1: Romance in Comics with Kat!

Nov 23, 2019

With Bar Sinister and the literal layout of House of Summer, the X-titles are once again pushing the boundaries on romantic representation — and ACC-tion heroes, we are here for it. In fact, we’re here for it with two guests and a two-part show! Part one brings on our Senior X-Correspondent Kat Letho in to […]

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Episode 171: Young and Young at Heart -- All Ages Comics!

Nov 15, 2019

  On today’s episode of All Comics Considered, we’re going to talk about comics for all ages. And the reason we’re doing this is that we really do believe in being gate openers into the world of comic books. Grim and dark books simply aren’t going to be appropriate for a younger audience and we […]

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Episode 171: Pullbox edition!

Nov 13, 2019

  This episode was recorded during our All Ages Show, and it features Marty and Tim delving into new Dawn Of X-men and HBO’s Watchmen!   Tim Amazing Spider–Man Annual #15 W: Mark Gruenwald, A: Bob Layton Marty Watchmen Maraurders #1 W: Gerry Duggan, A: Matteo Lolli, A: Federic Blee Yet Another Quality Episode!

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Episode 170: Where Tim Asks Us Questions About the Joker Movie

Nov 02, 2019

Today We Talk About Horror in Comics Hello and welcome to All Comics Considered, the comic book podcast with a heart of gold.  Tonight, your hosts Marty, Nick, and Tim discuss the Joker  Movie and why TWO of the hosts aren’t watching it… Patron Shout Out Dana!  Joker Tim’s Solo Interviews Part 1: Steven Barnes […]

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