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Episode 162: Muder Mysteries

Sep 02, 2019

For our August Bookclub edition, we‘ll talk about the book that makes us nervous to be in an elevator with Neil Gaiman, and also the subject of the next edition of our book club, Murder Mysteries.   Highlights The Wrapper Story – creepy old guy on the bench The Inner Story – creepy young guy […]

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Episode 161: Batman as a Lifestyle

Aug 15, 2019

This week on ACC, Marty, Tim, and Nick gather around their microphones to discuss “DC as a Lifestyle Brand” and what ATT/Time Warner are doing with DC comics. Folks, it’s a bit worrisome  In the second half of the show, we talk about the history of the MCU on Netflix and what the future of […]

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Episode 159: The one where we talk about SDCC

Aug 09, 2019

  Today on ACC we want to cover SDCC, the San Diego Comic Con – what was the big news coming out of SDCC this year?  Marvel Studios: Mutants ARE coming into the MCU. “More” importantly…the Fantastic Four are coming to the MCU. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings (Tony Leung as the […]

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Episode 160: Seeds

Aug 09, 2019

This week on All Comics Considered: Marty, Nick, and Tim do a pullbox, discuss who would make the best accountant AND discuss Krakoa Seeds: Are they really the worst comic book promotional item? (the answer? Probably not!) Pullbox: Tim:  Archie Afterlife  – Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Francesco Francavilla X-Accountant: Colossus Kamala Doug Ramsay The Question Nick Superman: […]

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Episode 158: 158: So bad! So good?

Jul 26, 2019

This week, Marty, Nick, and Tim come to discuss some comic properties that are so bad they’re good and a quick pullbox featuring Saga, Winter Soldier, and the Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary mini-series — oh, and a huge plug for Doom Patrol.   And now, let’s turn the page! So Bad! So good? Tim: Wolverine: […]

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Episode 157: Bitch, you've been to Chicago

Jul 19, 2019

Hey there ACCtion heroes! Did you think we went on summer break without telling you? I, on behalf of the whole ACC crew, am so sorry we have been off for a few weeks. But we are back with at least two episodes ready to go!   In this week’s episode, Tim and his lovely […]

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Episode 156: Pride

Jun 26, 2019

Today on All Comics Considered we’re celebrating pride! We’re going to focus on three books featuring some of our LGBTQIA superstars!   Pride-box! Tim:  West Coast Avengers!  Iceman  Marty:  ABO Comix volume 1 and what is prison abolishment  Yet Another Quality Episode!

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Episode 155: C-list Villain A-Level Tragedy

Jun 13, 2019

Today on All Comics Considered Marty and Tim do a deep dive on silver age villains who got updated to the modern age through tragedy and trauma. Plus, updates on Project Superkid, Bookclub, and a pull box! Let’s turn the first Superkid! Update: Girls Camp! Bookclub Reminder: -Poll coming out ! C-List Upgrades by Tragic […]

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Episode 154: The First Book Club!

Jun 07, 2019

Today is the inaugural episode of our very first All Comics Considered Book Club! We’ll be covering issues 1 through 6 of John Cassidy’s,  Warren Ellis’ , and Laura Martin’s Planetary, published by  Wildstorm/DC.  Brief Summary What is Planetary about? Who are the main characters?  Book Club Questions What other books by this author have […]

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Episode 155: Narty Strikes Back

Jun 06, 2019

Hey there ACC-tion heroes! This week, Marty and Nick do a quick pullbox episode. Nick does a review of the first episode of the new DC Universe TV Show Doom Patrol, and Marty discusses G Willow Wilson’s run on Wonder Woman! So let’s turn the page and talk about comics!   Doom Patrol Trailer! Grant Morrison […]

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