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Episode 152: Endgame Part 2

Jun 02, 2019

Just before Endgame leaves the box office, we’re here to finish our in-depth review! This week, we talk about our supporting cast, who was left behind, who got dusted and things we shouldn’t think too hard about (for now…)   PART TWO Supporting Cast Good use of screentime Who got short-changed? Goose the Flerkin, Vision??? […]

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Episode 151: Endgame

Jun 02, 2019

Today on All Comics Considered we’re going to get all liquored up on Endgame!  Our 151st episode is going to be all Endgame, all the time, so if you haven’t seen it yet, ACCtion Heroes, press pause and hit the movie theatre.  Let’s turn the page! Part One: Character by Character Breakdown Brief overview of […]

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Episode 153: Conspiracy!

May 23, 2019

Welcome to All Comics Considered, the comic book podcast with a heart.  Our hosts are: Marty Nick Tim And Today on All Comics Considered we’re going to take a tour to the land of the tin foil hats and share our favorite conspiracy theories.  Also, we’ll let you know how Project Superkid went this year. […]

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Episode 150: Narty

May 09, 2019

When Tim and Hannah go to the movies–Endgame–without out us, Nick and Marty express their feelings by making up a hot mess of a “leaked” preview of Spider-Man: Far From Home.   Featuring: Bad Ideas! Attempts at Riverdale explanations! Jokes! Marty and Nick riffing off of each other!   Yet Another Quality Episode!

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Episode 149: Theresa

May 08, 2019

Today on All Comics Considered we have a special guest – an old friend of Marty and Nick, Theresa Griffin of Industrial Athena Cosplay.  We’ll be chatting with her today a bit about her experiences as a cosplayer, and getting her fashion opinions on the Avenger’s Endgame costumes. Support Project Superkid here!  Win a SECRET […]

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Episode 148: Project Superkid!

Apr 19, 2019

Today on All Comics Considered we talk about how to prepare for an ending, and then a little bit about our current and upcoming work, Project Superkid and the ACC Book Club! Project Superkid!   Bookclub Why? Expectations Contest! Give our Bookclub a better name! How do we prepare for The End?  Yet Another Quality […]

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Episode 147: All Aboard the Hype Train

Apr 12, 2019

This week, Marty and Hannah are your conductors on the hype train to talk about Endgame, House of X and Power of X (ten).  House of X, Powers of X Notes from the Marvel Panels at C2E2 X-men: Asgardian Wars  Part 1 – X-Men & Alpha Flight (1st series) #1 Part 2 – X-Men & […]

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Episode 146: Medium, Genre, and a Pullbox!

Apr 04, 2019

And Today on All Comics Considered we’ll talk about superheroes as a medium, and do a short Pullbox.  Let’s turn the page! Superheroes as a Medium – What’s your favorite genre that’s also a superhero movie? Nick – Buddy comedy “Captain Marvel” Marty – Logan “Western-Horror” Tim – Coming of Age, “Into the Spider-Verse” and […]

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Episode 145: Captain Marvel

Mar 28, 2019

This week, Marti — that’s the fun nickname for Marty and Tim — discuss the latest addition to the MCU, Captain Marvel. Beware, here there be spoilers! We break down what we liked, what could have been done better, how this relates to Carol in 616, and what the future may hold for Carol, Monica, […]

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Announcing the Book Club!

Mar 26, 2019

Comics are for everyone — but sometimes, it’s hard to find a community where you can do dive deep into your favorite characters, stories, and arcs. We’re pretty damn lucky to have the time to read comics, host a podcast, and share our thoughts with each other and the ACC-tion heroes. But if we really […]

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