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Episode 96: CW Crossover 2017 -- Get Over, Girl!

Dec 16, 2017

Listen in ACC-tion heroes! This week we breakdown the CW Crossover: Crisis on Earth X. We talk about everything from our thoughts and feelings about this 4 hour movie, the state of the Arrowverse, and a comparison to last year’s Agents of Hydra. Warning: Nazis and Spoilers to follow! Yet Another Quality Episode!

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Episode 95: Thor, Thanos, and a Certain Beard

Dec 08, 2017

Sorry for the delay ACC-tion heroes! But here we are, just in time for your weekend/weekend work. The original band (Hannah, Nick, and Marty) gather to talk about:   THOR: RAGNAROCK Infinity War I: Starring Chris Evan’s beard.   Two out of our three hosts want that beard. THE THIRD ONE WILL SURPRISE YOU Now, […]

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Episode 94: Dynamic Duo and the Batman Who Goes On Tangents

Nov 29, 2017

Hello there ACCtion heroes! This week, the dynamic duo of Marty and Tim join forces to, ostensibly, talk about: The Batman Who Laughs Kingpin Runaways on Hulu Which we did! But we also diverged into so many tangents. So many tangents. Yet Another Quality Episode!

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Caitlín and White Knight

Nov 22, 2017

This week, Marty and CaitlĂ­n talk bout White Knight! The format's a little different than our usual interviews, so let us know how much you love it!

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Episode 93: Bendis' Big Move

Nov 15, 2017

What does Bendis' move mean for the rest of us? Join our conversation then share your thoughts!

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Episode 92 The Return of Hannah!

Nov 08, 2017

Hannah returns to ACC, and she brings the noise!

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Episode 91: GeekGirlCon

Nov 01, 2017

Join us for a conversation with the amazing gate-openers at Geek Girl Con!

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Return of the Dynamic Duo--Secret Empire

Oct 19, 2017

Marty and Nick discuss politics by way of Secret Empire

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The Something Special Special!

Oct 13, 2017

This week, Tim, Marty, and Nick return to form with a pullbox, a new feature, and a deep dive into Sam Wilson: Captain America

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Defend This: The Defenders Breakdown!

Oct 05, 2017

Join Tim, Nick, and Marty as they discuss the Defenders! Heads up, this is full of spoilers, such as DANNY RAND IS THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST. WHO KNEW?

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